The Computer Science program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.

 Program Educational Objectives

Within 4 years of graduation, graduates of our program will have

  1. Established themselves as practicing professionals who contribute to the economic development of the region, state and nation or are engaged in advanced education in computer science, software engineering or related areas.
  2. Demonstrated their ability to work in accordance with the professional standards of ethics expected of computer scientists and software engineers.
  3. Demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing technology and economic conditions by acquiring new skills and seeking opportunities for personal and professional development.

Student Outcomes

A. An ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics as appropriate to the discipline

B. An ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution

C. An ability to design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs

D. An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal

E. An understanding of professional, ethical, legal and social issues and responsibilities

F. An ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form

G. An appreciation of the impact of computing on individuals and society

H. Recognition of the need for and ability to engage in continuing professional development

I. An ability to use current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practice

J. An ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way which demonstrates comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in design choices

K. An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity