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[Colloquium] Energy-aware Server Provisioning and Load Dispatching for Connection Intensive Internet Services

November 7, 2008

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  • Date: Friday, November 7th, 2008 
  • Time: 2 pm — 3:15 pm 
  • Place: ME 218

Wenbo He
Department of Computer Science University of New Mexico

Abstract: During the past 15 years, we have witnessed the tremendous growth of Internet applications. Energy consumption for hosting Internet services is becoming a pressing issue as these services scale up. Dynamic server provisioning techniques are effective in turning off unnecessary servers to save energy. Such techniques, mostly studied for request-response services, face unique challenges in the context of connection servers that can host a large number of long-lived TCP connections. Such servers usually limit on how many new connections they can accept per second and, therefore, a server cannot be fully utilized immediately after it is turned on. Moreover, before a server is turned off, all its active connections need to be reconnected or migrated to other currently active servers. In this talk, I will characterize unique properties, performance, and power models of connection servers, based on a real data trace collected from the deployed Windows Live Messenger. Using the models, we design server provisioning and load dispatching algorithms and study subtle interactions between them. We show that our algorithms can save a significant amount of energy without sacrificing user experiences.

Bio: Wenbo He is currently an assistant professor in Department of Computer Science at University of New Mexico. Her research focuses on pervasive computing, cyber physical systems, security and privacy issues in networked embedded systems, Internet services and service oriented computing etc. Wenbo got Ph.D. from UIUC in 2008, and she got M.S. from ECE Department at UIUC and M.Eng. from the Department of Automation at Tsinghua University, in 2000 and 1998 respectively. She received her B.S. from the Department of Automation at the Harbin Engineering University in 1995. During August 2000 to January 2005, Wenbo was a software engineer in Cisco Systems, Inc. Wenbo received the Mavis Memorial Fund Scholarship Award from College of Engineering of UIUC in 2006, and the C. W. Gear Outstanding Graduate Award in 2007 from the Department of Computer Science at UIUC. She is also a recipient of the Vodafone Fellowship from 2005 to 2008, and the NSF TRUST Fellowship in 2007.