Satomi Sugaya

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tapia Lab - Department of Computer Science

Mailing address:

Mail stop: MSC01 1100
1 University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001 USA




Office: 3440 C Farris
Phone: 505.277.8504
Fax: 505.277.6927

Satomi is a postdoc at Tapia Lab. She is interested in interdisciplinary science research. Her current focus is on AMP using machine learning tools such as deep learning. She got her Ph.D. in physics from University of New Mexico (UNM) in 2016, with an interdisciplinary dissertation project applying techniques in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to Hantavirus infection transmission among rodents. She has extensive experience working with reaction-diffusion equations, random walks (in a non translationally-invariant case), Laplace transforms, projection methods, and the defect technique. Before she started her postdoc, she taught introductory physics and astronomy courses at Central New Mexico Community College. Concurrently, she worked on a project in machine learning (specifically using Gaussian Process) and Koopman operator methods in Nonlinear dynamics though an informal postdoc project with Dr. Martinez-Ramon at UNM and Dr. Susuki at Okasa Prefecture University, Japan. For her master's thesis project in atmospheric physics at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, she investigated self-organized criticality (non-equilibrium critical phenomena) in tropical convection.

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