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January 01, 2005

About me

This blog is a dumping-zone for rambling thoughts, half-baked ideas, musings and other expositions on topics that I find interesting. So far, it's been primarily a semi-professional effort, as I've focused on things related to research, academia, society, the world, etc. etc. etc. But, I've also thrown in some travel information and other personal information that seems like it might be interesting to readers.

As for me, I am currently in the final stretch of my PhD in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico. I've been here since the Fall of 2002, but in January 2007, I'll be joining the Santa Fe Institute as a post-doctoral researcher. My research focuses primarily on the structure and function of complex networks, through statistical modeling and data analysis. Examples here include road networks, the World Wide Web and the Internet, cellular networks of various kinds, power-transmission networks, recommender and citation networks, and social networks of various other kinds.

My work on mapping the structure of the Internet has received some attention in the press, as has my work on the statistics of terrorism. Lately, I've been focusing on characterizing and modeling the global topological properties of networks, and in particular their heterogeneous organization (e.g., communities and hierarchy). I'm also interested in macro-evolution, ecology and scaling laws, but this is a fairly recent fascination of mine.

Finally, my Erdös Number is 3 by the following chain: Paul Erdös, Mike Molloy, Cristopher Moore, me.

-- Aaron Clauset --

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