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October 27, 2005

On posting.

Only a scant 10 months ago when I began this blog, I had high ambitions of posting regularly. In fact, for the first few months, I posted something new every three or four days. Currently, I'm batting more like once every two weeks. Oh, how the ambitious have fallen. While I spend perhaps a disturbing amount of time reading science and current events each day, I have not yet hit upon the right rhythm for posting the inevitable thoughts that come out of that. It also takes me a non-trivial amount of time to put together a posting, since I am considerably slowed down by my determination to say sensible and coherent things. Who knows, perhaps in another 10 months, I'll be down another factor of two and posting once a month.

On a related note, I am constantly amazed by the both prolific and consistently good writers like Tim Burke, Bill Tozier, Cosma Shalizi and Carl Zimmer. One happiness would be to join a collective blog such as Crooked Timber, another prolific and intensely edifying source of distraction.

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