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October 05, 2005

That "haha" kind of funny

I am not a regular reader of The Onion. Years ago, it seemed as if every one of my friends was. With mostly different friends now, I don't receive pointers to nearly as many stories, and my life is, I'm sure as a result, much less full. Thank goodness someone (still) reads The Onion, so that I (still) don't have to. Two amusements for you:

Halliburton Given Contract To Rebuild Cheney

This reminds me of a certain movie.

Intelligent Design Trial

I have only vaguely been following the trial in Dover, PA, mostly on account of its mere existence being supremely depressing. Given that, I still applaud the parents who have brought suit against the school board. In addition, however, let me recommend The Loom, which routinely demonstrates (in an award-winning way) the kind of clear and precise writing that we on the side of logic and rationality need more of.

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