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December 19, 2006

Phase change

This past weekend I graduated with distinction with my doctorate from the University of New Mexico's Department of Computer Science. My advisor Cristopher Moore hooded me at the main Commencement ceremony on Friday, and on Saturday, the School of Engineering had its own smaller (and nicer) Convocation ceremony for its graduates. I was invited to be the graduate speaker at this event, and I made a few brief remarks that you can read here.

It's been an intense and highly educational four and a half years, but it's nice to finally be done.

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Do you mean?: The most interesting and promising technologies of tomorrow are the things which pervade multi disciplines and can extremely amplify the ablilties of human beings or even reform the ways of manipulating the world. Taming the complexity of real system and make consequences under control.

It's like the nodes which are highly connected and have vast influences in the language of complex networks. With the aid of them we can reach many local domaines around us and even reform the ways that we manipulate the world. But the most important nodes are hard to distinguish and occupy. Various edges will lead us to some trivial technologies or even wrong directions. Sometimes, it's like searching in an Erdo˝s-Re´nyi random network, losing the sense of direction. But some talent may distinguish the power law tree inside the network(quote from your work "Accuracy and Scaling Phenomena in Internet Mapping"^_^ The process of thinking is similar to the process of crawling on the web of knowlege, the efficient difference of personal algorithmns are huge) rapidly and tell what is the most important.

Even when we find the promising technology, it's no easy to occupy it for the high threshold. Sometimes we can get it from a low threshold edge among numerous possible ways. Or construct a virtual class and virtual relations as we do in C++ or Java.

Aha, Yes! taming complexity, drawing the reason graphs of consequences and designing with them to solve big problems are so attractive and challenging!

I'm not sure whether the effect of excellent ideas of a speech will be discouted when expressed in the form of paper but without your emotional voice and emphasizing on critical word. Would you like to provide the tape of your speech? And I also want to learn the skills of speech:) Thank you!

Congratulations! The golden harvest four and a half years!^_^

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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