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January 19, 2007

Ken Robinson on education and creativity

I started running across the TED talks a while back, and thought the whole conference seemed like a wonderful idea. I'd completely forgotten about them until I was perusing the PresentationZen blog (which is chock full of useful tips on making presentations better - something I think about regularly since part of my life is spent standing in front of audiences blathering on about things I hope they find interesting), which linked to this one by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and education. It's quite funny, but also makes some excellent points. (The link goes to a TED page with the same video file.)

Another I quite enjoyed was by Hans Rosling's talk on global health. He's quite a champion of both collecting and visualizing data, and his animations of how the nations of the world have changed (fertility, income, child mortality, etc.) over the past 40 years are truly impressive.

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