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September 11, 2007

Announcement: NetSci 2008

It seems like NetSci is gaining some momentum as an annual thing, and this seems like good news to me. I hope this also means that the conference will exhibit greater diversity in the speakers, which in the past has tilted heavily toward the past and present collaborators of the organizers. The bad news for State-siders like me is that NetSci 2008 is going to be in the UK, which makes attending a little more complicated (actually, the last I'd heard, it was going to be in Italy). The website has scant details at the moment, so I will probably post again about this conference closer to the submission deadline.

International Conference on Network Science 2008 (NetSci)

June 25 - 27, 2008 at Norwich BioSciences Conference Centre, Norwich, UK

Organizers: Norwich BioSciences Conference Centre and David White (Institute of Food Research, IFR), József Baranyi (IFR), Guido Caldarelli (University of Rome), Zoltán Toroczkai (Notre Dame), and Albert-László Barabási (Notre Dame).

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