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September 26, 2007

Workshop: NSF + IPAM on CDI grant

IPAM is running a short workshop at the end of October to discuss a newly announced NSF program with the unfortunate name of "Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation" (or, CDI). Although its relationship to networks may not be obvious from the title, it seems clear to me (and to IPAM) that networks are going to be a big part of what CDI funds.

I think the general idea is to give NSF feedback about what are the interesting questions and topics in this area, and to let the community of interested folks get some feedback about what NSF is looking for. Seems like a reasonable idea to me, and could be a good opportunity to interact with both NSF and other folks interested in the grant.

Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation: Knowledge Extraction; October 29, 2007 at IPAM.

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