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November 11, 2008

Fellowship: Glasstone Research Fellowships (Oxford, UK)

Mason tells me that Oxford has a pretty good postdoctoral research fellowship gig called the Glasstone Fellowship. The appointment is for up to 3 years, under what looks like pretty general / nebulous guidelines about doing "science." THe fellowship also comes with some travel and research-related funding. Application deadline for the upcoming year is December 8th.

The terms of the bequest restrict the fellowships to “the fields of Botany, Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic or Physical), Engineering, Mathematics, Metallurgy, and Physics”. These will be broadly interpreted; for example Plant Sciences can generally be equated with Botany, Mathematics would include Computer Science and Statistics, Metallurgy can be equated with Materials. The medical sciences, Zoology and Biochemistry (unless related to Plant Sciences) are outside the scope of the scheme.

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