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February 25, 2009

Conference: NetSCI 2009

NetSCI continues its European location this year, moving now to Venice Italy. Unfortunately, once again I'll have to miss the events, as I'm scheduled to be in Las Vegas that week.

NetSCI 2009

29 June -- 3 July 2009 at Palazzo Franchetti, Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti., Venezia Italy

Organizers: Guido Caldarelli, Vittoria Colizza, Andrea Rinaldo, Marco Santarelli, József Baranyi, Zoltán Toroczkai, and A-László Barabási

Abstract submission Deadline: 31 March 2009

Description: The aim of NetSCI is to bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The conferences focus on novel directions in networks research with the biological and environmental sciences, computer and information sciences, social sciences, finance and business as well as philosophy and humanities.

Themes include:
- Networks in Biology
- Networks in Health & Society
- Information Networks and Infrastructures
- Networks in Organization & Communication
- Networks in Economy, Finance & Business
- Network theory: methods, models, visualizations

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