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September 18, 2009

Be a postdoc at SFI

It's that time of year again: SFI is hiring new postdocs.

Appointments begin Fall 2010. As a current postdoc, I can tell you that SFI is an exceptionally good place to spend a few years doing research. It's not for everyone, but if you do your best work in unstructured environments, have a good nose for asking fundamental questions, and are comfortable working in a highly interdisciplinary environment, then it's hard to beat the freedom and resources SFI provides.

This year's deadline is November 2.

The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) will be selectively seeking applications for Omidyar Fellows for 2011, starting in the Fall of 2010. Fellows are appointed for up to three years during which they pursue research questions of their own design and are encouraged to transcend disciplinary lines. SFI’s unique structure and resources enable Fellows to collaborate with members of the SFI faculty, other Fellows, and researchers from around the world.

As the leader in multidisciplinary research, SFI has no formal programs or departments and we accept applications from any field. Research topics span the full range of natural and social sciences and often make connections with the humanities. Most research at SFI is theoretical and/or computational in nature, although some research includes an empirical component in collaboration with other institutions. Descriptions of the research themes and interests of the faculty and current Fellows can be found at http://www.santafe.edu/research/.

Benefits: The compensation package includes a competitive salary and excellent health and retirement benefits. As full participants in the SFI community, Fellows are encouraged to invite speakers, organize workshops and working groups, and engage in research outside their fields. Funds are available to support this full range of research activities.

Requirements: SFI is known for its catalytic research environment and applicants must demonstrate the potential to contribute to this community. Candidates must have a Ph.D. (or expect to receive one by September 2010), an exemplary academic record, and a proven ability to work independently. We expect a demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary research and evidence of the ability to think outside traditional paradigms.

Applications:Applications are welcome from candidates in any country. Successful foreign applicants must acquire an acceptable visa (usually a J-1) as a condition of employment. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply. SFI is an equal opportunity employer.

TO APPLY: View the full position announcement and application instructions at www.santafe.edu/education/fellowships-postdoctoral.php. Application due by November 2, 2009. For further information, email ofellowshipinfo@santafe.edu.

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