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December 26, 2009

2009: a year in review

This is it for the year, so here's a look back at 2009, by the numbers.

Papers published (or accepted) on which I was first author or a major contributor: 8
Papers currently under review: 1
Manuscripts near completion: 2
Projects in-the-works: too many to count
Half-baked projects unlikely to be completed: already forgotten
Papers read: >360

Research talks given: 13
Invited talks: 10
Conferences / workshops / summer schools attended: 6
Number of those at which I delivered a research talk: 3
Number of times other people have written about my research: >6
Number of computers purchased: 1

Students advised: 2
Summer schools taught at: 1
Manuscripts reviewed for various journals / conferences: >30
Reviewing requests declined: >30
Program committees: 5

Conferences / workshops organized: 1
Visitors hosted: 18
Grants submitted: 3
Grants awarded: 0
Grants pending: 1

Emails sent: >3483
Emails received (non-spam): >8660
Number of those about work-related topics: >5525

Blog entries written: 35 (this number is about as depressing as last year)
Movies via Netflix: 27
Books purchased online: 33
Songs added to iTunes: 369
Pictures posted on Flickr: 259
Cycling centuries completed: 1
Cars purchased: 1
Major life / career decisions: 2
Faculty jobs accepted: 1
Rings purchased: 3
Weddings: 1

Fun trips with friends / family: >8
Trips to Las Vegas, NV: 2
Trips to New York, NY: 0
States visited (in the US): 8
Foreign countries visited: 3 (China, Switzerland, Korea)
Other continents visited: 2
Airplane flights: 51

Here's to a great year, and hoping that 2010 is just as good!

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I'm rather impressed that your e-mail tallies didn't take a big jump. I probably also wrote this last year (and/or perhaps the year before), but just wait until your faculty position starts...

Maybe I'll see you at the Maryland networks conference? (I don't know yet if I am going.)

Posted by: Mason Porter at December 27, 2009 03:56 PM

Yeah... I'm sure it'll go up a lot next year, once I have students emailing me, etc. Right now, I actually delete a lot of email I get, out of some misplaced desire to "save space", but I can't imagine it amounts to more than 10% of what I receive. (For instance, I often delete messages that are fully quoted later on in the email thread.) There's a small part of me that's proud that my ratio of sent-to-received is less than 1! (ThinkGeek could make a bumper sticker that says "I'm an email sink.", for people like me.)

I'll definitely be at the Maryland conference - I think I'm on the invited speaker list. Here's to hoping to seeing you then, and to a great 2010!

Posted by: Aaron at December 27, 2009 05:50 PM

I'm not an invited speaker, but the timing has a good chance to work. I'll definitely be in the US around then because of a wedding, and because it might be a full month in the US (due to the March Meeting), I'll feel far less guilty if I add another conference or workshop to go to. 2010 should be good. I might even submit a paper on the 1st, which would be a decent way to start the year.

I am most definitely an e-mail source, although really we should think more about saddle points and counting the numbers of stable and unstable manifolds.

Posted by: Mason Porter at December 28, 2009 01:46 AM

Amazing figures.I started counting after seeing your figures.

Posted by: Tollywood News at January 12, 2010 04:38 AM