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January 12, 2010

Conference: NetSci 2010

While I'm at it, it looks like NetSci will happen again this year, and this year it returns to the US.

NetSci 2010

Date & Location: May 12-14, 2010, in Boston, USA

Organizers: Marta C. González (MIT), César A. Hidalgo (Harvard), Ginestra Bianconi (Northeastern) and Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern)

Submission Deadline: Feb 26, 2010

Description: Bringing together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science (including analysts, modelling experts, visualisation specialists, and others), NetSci fosters interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The conference focuses on novel directions in networks research within the biological and environmental sciences, computer and information sciences, social sciences, finance and business.

The School part of the event (10-11 May) offers a series of tutorials and lectures, introducing tools and basic results from a variety of research areas of major interest for the study of complex networks. The School presents basic experimental and theoretical developments, as well as educate the research community on standard network databases, tools, and computational resources.

The Conference part of the event (12-14 May) is dedicated to talks presenting the latest results in the field and their applications in various disciplines.

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As far as I can see, NetSci 2010 has failed. Check out the ridiculous registration price.

The timing is bad for me anyway, though I do kind of regret the e-mail I sent in response when a NetSci reminder came my way. (I was really annoyed at the exorbitant price, so I basically said in a snarky fashion that I'd only go if I were invited speaker---which, while an accurate statement, won't win me any friends.)

Posted by: Mason Porter at January 13, 2010 05:53 PM