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July 16, 2010

Workshop: WIN 2010

I've heard good things about this workshop / mini-conference, which is run out of the business school at NYU. Unlike some other networks-themed meetings, it's a relatively small venue (much smaller than NetSci) and is focused on social networks and "information" defined broadly. This year is the second instance, and I expect that it will continue to be a good workshop to attend.

Workshop on Information on Networks (WIN) 2010

Date & Location: September 24-25, 2010, in New York City, USA

Organizers: Sinan Aral (NYU), Foster Provost (NYU), Arun Sundararajan (NYU)

Submission Deadline: August 5, 2010 (3 page extended abstracts)

Description: WIN is a Social Networks Summit intended to foster collaboration and to build community. The increasing availability of massive networked data is revolutionizing the scientific study of a variety of phenomena in fields as diverse as Computer Science, Economics, Physics and Sociology. Yet, while many important advances have taken place in these different communities, the dialog between researchers across disciplines is only beginning. The purpose of WIN is to bring together leading researchers studying ‘information in networks’ – its distribution, its diffusion, its value, and its influence on social and economic outcomes – in order to lay the foundation for ongoing relationships and to build a lasting multidisciplinary research community.

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