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November 10, 2010

Workshop: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks

And, here's another workshop; this one on information and social networks, held at MIT in late Spring 2011. I won't say anything more except to point out that social influence is complicated.

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Information and Decision in Social Networks

Date & Location: 31 May - 1 June 2010 at MIT

Organizers: Vincent Blondel (UCLouvain and LIDS, MIT), Munther Dahleh (LIDS, MIT), Asu Ozdaglar (LIDS, MIT), John Tsitsiklis (LIDS, MIT)

Description: Recent technological and mathematical developments have opened the possibility to considerably improve our understanding of how information flows and decisions are made in large social networks. In this workshop, we bring together researchers from different communities working on information propagation and decision making in social networks to investigate both rigorous models that highlight capabilities and limitations of such networks as well as empirical and simulations studies of how people exchange information, influence each other, make decisions and develop social interactions.

This workshop is being organized by the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems.

Submission deadline (extended abstracts): 11 March 2011

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