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November 02, 2010

Workshop: Networks Across Disciplines in Theory and Applications

While I'm at it, here's another interesting looking workshop. This one is at NIPS 2010 and so will have more of a computer science emphasis. I expect it will be good, despite the fact that I'm speaking.

Networks Across Disciplines in Theory and Applications

Date & Location: December 11, 2010, NIPS, Whistler Canada

Organizers: Anna Goldenberg (Toronto), Edo Airoldi (Harvard) and Jure Leskovec (Stanford)

Description:Networks are used across a wide variety of disciplines to describe interactions between entities -- in sociology these are relations between people, such as friendships (Facebook); in biology, physical interactions between genes; the Internet, sensor networks, transport networks, ecological networks just to name a few. Researchers in machine learning, statistics and physics communities search for ways to explain and model the phenomena observed across the multitude of these disciplines. The theoretical findings stemming from different areas are heterogeneous and often complementary yet there are few means for intellectual exchange and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

The goal of our workshop is to actively promote a collaborative effort in addressing statistical and computational issues arising when modeling collections of data represented by networks -- static or dynamic; to "cross-pollinate" fields with ideas from different areas; to introduce new questions to the theoretical modeling audience and to broaden the focus by considering new areas.

Presentations will include novel network models, the application of established models to new domains, theoretical and computational issues, limitations of current methods and directions for future research.

Invited Speakers:
Carter Butts (Sociology, UC Irvine)
Jonathan Chang (Facebook)
Aaron Clauset (Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder)
Lise Getoor (Computer Science, University of Maryland)
Trey Ideker (Bioengineering, UCSD)
Sayan Mukherjee (Statistics, Duke University)

Submission Deadline: passed, oops

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