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December 21, 2010

2010: a year in review

This is probably it for the year, so here's a look back at 2010, by the numbers.

Papers published (or accepted): 3
Other publications: 4 (two replies to comments, one invited editorial, one invited blog post)
Papers currently under review: 1
Manuscripts near completion: 4
Projects in-the-works: too many to count
Half-baked projects unlikely to be completed: already forgotten
Papers read: >433

Research talks given: 15
Public lectures: 1 (The Future of Terrorism)
Invited talks: 14
Visitors hosted: 8
Conferences, workshops organized: 0
Conferences, workshops, summer schools attended: 12
Number of those at which I delivered a research talk: 11
Number of times other people have written about my research: >6
Number of interviews about my research: 4
Number of times featured on slashdot: 1

Students advised: 3
Summer school faculty positions: 0
University courses taught: 1
Pages of lecture notes written for said course: >92
Number of problems assigned: 45
Pages of solutions written for said problems: 67
Pages of student work graded: 472
Number of class-related emails received: >402
Number of conversations with the faculty honor council liaison: 1
Number of days spent doing genuine research during the semester: 3 (sigh...)

Manuscripts reviewed for various journals, conferences: >29
Reviewing requests declined: >33
Book deals declined: 1
Program committees: 3

Grant proposals submitted: 6 (I'm told this is a lot, but I wouldn't know)
Grants awarded: 0
Grant proposals pending: 4
New grant proposals in the works: 4

Emails sent: >4727
Emails received (non-spam): >9234
Number of those about work-related topics: >7722

Number of computers purchased: 1
Blog entries written: 46 (up a little from last year)
Movies via Netflix: 15
Books purchased: 35
Songs added to iTunes: 123
Pictures posted on Flickr: 0
Major life / career changes: 1

Fun trips with friends / family: 7
Trips to Las Vegas, NV: 0
Trips to New York, NY: 0
States visited (in the US): 10
Foreign countries visited: 5 (France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada)
Other continents visited: 1
Airplane flights: 60
Total flight miles: 64000

Here's to a great year, and hoping that 2011 is just as good. (Although maybe a little less busy...)

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I hope to add one more airplane flight to my tally for the year. It's unclear whether that will happen...

6 grant proposals does seem like a lot. In terms of time for actual research, it is tough from this point on. But just look forward to the summer and to sabbaticals. (And sabbaticals are great for starting up new things...)

Posted by: Mason Porter at December 21, 2010 09:40 AM

How do you managed to remmember all these details? Especially the email parts :P

Posted by: Johnny at December 24, 2010 06:39 AM

Mostly, I just keep track of these things. (I have a tex file that I update religiously with all my professional activities, which I do partly to remind myself at the end of a semester or year that I actually did get some things done.) And, email programs make it easy to count all the messages with a 2010 date.

Posted by: Aaron at December 24, 2010 07:43 AM