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September 06, 2012

Be an Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute is hiring new Omidyar Fellows.

Having spent four years at SFI as an Omidyar Fellow before coming to the University of Colorado, Boulder, I feel comfortable asserting that this fellowship is one of the best in higher education: it provides several years of full funding to work on your own big ideas about complex systems and to collaborate with other SFI researchers.

I also feel comfortable saying that SFI tends to prefer young scholars who are already fairly independent, as being an Omidyar Fellow is a lot like being a junior faculty member, except without the teaching responsibilities. No one tells you what to work on. If you have your own interests and your own ideas, this is ideal. SFI also tends to prefer young scholars with a strong quantitative background. If you plan to apply, I recommend writing a fresh research statement (rather than recycling the one you send to university positions) that focuses on your ideas about complex systems and your independent research plans for the next few years.

To help explain just how great a position it is, SFI recently put together a series of short videos, which you can find here.

Deadline: November 1

Apply online for the Omidyar Fellowship.

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