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December 22, 2013

2013: a year in review

This is it for the year, so here's a look back at 2013, by the numbers.

Papers published or accepted: 10 (journals or equivalent)
Number coauthored with students: 4
Number of papers that used data from a video game: 3 (this, that, and the other)
Pre-prints posted on the arxiv: 6
Other publications: 2 workshop papers, and 1 invited comment
Number coauthored with students: 2
Papers currently under review: 2
Manuscripts near completion: 8
Rejections: 4
New citations to past papers: 1722 (+15% over 2012)
Projects in-the-works: too many to count
Half-baked projects unlikely to be completed: already forgotten
Papers read: >200 (about 4 per week)

Research talks given: 15
Invited talks: 13
Visitors hosted: 2
Presentations to school teachers about science and data: 1 (at the fabulous Denver Museum of Nature and Science)
Conferences, workshops organized: 2
Conferences, workshops, summer schools attended: 7
Number of those at which I delivered a research talk: 5
Number of times other people have written about my research: >17
Number of interviews given about my research: 10

Students advised: 9 (6 PhD, 1 MS, 1 BS; 1 rotation student)
Students graduated: 1 PhD (my first: Dr. Sears Merritt), 1 MS
Thesis/dissertation committees: 10
Number of recommendation letters written: 5
Summer school faculty positions: 2
University courses taught: 2
Students enrolled in said courses: 69 grad
Number of problems assigned: 120
Number of pages of lecture notes written: >150 (a book, of sorts)
Pages of student work graded: 7225 (roughly 105 per student, with 0.04 graders per student)
Number of class-related emails received: >1624 (+38% over 2012)
Number of conversations with the university honor council: 0
Guest lectures for colleagues: 1

Proposals refereed for grant-making agencies: 1
Manuscripts refereed for various journals, conferences: 23 (+44% over 2012)
Fields covered: Network Science, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Physics, Ecology, Political Science, and some tabloids
Manuscripts edited for various journals: 2
Conference program committees: 2
Words written per report: 921 (-40% over 2012)
Referee requests declined: 68 (+36% over 2012)
Journal I declined the most: PLoS ONE (12 declines, 3 accepts)

Grant proposals submitted: 7 (totaling $6,013,669)
Number on which I was PI: 3
Proposals rejected: 2
New grants awarded: 3 (totaling $1,438,985)
Number on which I was PI: 1
Proposals pending: 2
New proposals in the works: 3

Emails sent: >8269 (+3% over 2012, and about 23 per day)
Emails received (non-spam): >16453 (+6% over 2012, and about 45 per day)
Fraction about work-related topics: 0.87 (-0.02 over 2012)
Emails received about power-law distributions: 157 (3 per week, same as 2012)

Unique visitors to my professional homepage: 31,000 (same as 2012)
Hits overall: 87,000 (+10% over 2012)
Fraction of visitors looking for power-law distributions: 0.52 (-11% over 2012)
Fraction of visitors looking for my course materials: 0.16
Unique visitors to my blog: 11,300 (-2% over 2012)
Hits overall: 17,300 (-4% over 2012)
Most popular blog post among those visitors: Our ignorance of intelligence (from 2005)
Blog posts written: 6 (-57% over 2012)
Most popular 2013 blog post: Small science for the win? Maybe not.

Number of twitter accounts: 1
Tweets: 235 (+82% over 2012; mostly in lieu of blogging)
Retweets: >930 (+281% over 2012)
Most popular tweet: a tweet about professors having little time to think
New followers on Twitter: >700 (+202% over 2012)

Number of computers purchased: 2
Netflix: 72 dvds, >100 instant (mostly TV episodes during lunch breaks and nap times)
Books purchased: 3 (-73% over 2012)
Songs added to iTunes: 140 (-5% over 2012)
Photos added to iPhoto: 2357 (+270% over 2012)
Jigsaw puzzle pieces assembled: >2,000
Major life / career changes: 0
Photos taken of my daughter: >1821 (about 5 per day)

Fun trips with friends / family: 10
Half-marathons completed: 0.76 (Coal Creek Crossing 10 mile race)
Trips to Las Vegas, NV: 0
Trips to New York, NY: 1
Trips to Santa Fe, NM: 9
States in the US visited: 8
States in the US visited, ever: 49
Foreign countries visited: 6 (Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada)
Foreign countries visited, ever: 30
Number of those I drove to: 1 (Canada, 10 hours from Washington DC after United canceled my flight to Montreal for the JSM; I arrived with a few hours to spare before my invited talk)
Other continents visited: 1
Other continents visited, ever: 5
Airplane flights: 39

Here's to a great year, and hoping that 2014 is even better.

Update 23 December 2013: Mason reminded me that I forgot a foreign country this year.

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I think you also visited the UK in 2013. :)

By the way, "Fraction of visitors looking for power-law distributions: 0.52 (-11% over 2012)" looks like a very positive sign! (Actually, it looks like it's because of more visits for course materials rather than substantively fewer visits about power laws --- and that is a very good thing indeed!)

The google scholar citation count is a bit hard to do in December, as even many citations from Jan, Feb, and even March next year will end up showing up as 2013 citations. (Compare your current 2013 count with the one you reported in the analogous blog entry last year.)

And perhaps most importantly: Happy New Year! And see you in June if not earlier.

Posted by: Mason at December 23, 2013 10:18 AM

Forgot one thing... I wish I only wrote 5 unique reference letters in 2013. I think I am close to 20 unique people on this one (and sometimes nontrivial adjustments for different versions for the same person). And the fact that this is seasonal can also cause "nice" spikes.

Posted by: Mason at December 23, 2013 02:49 PM