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December 21, 2014

2014: a year in review

This is it for the year, so here's a look back at 2014, by the numbers.

Papers published or accepted: 9 (journals or equivalent)
Number coauthored with students: 5
Number of papers that used data from sports: 2 (this and that)
Pre-prints posted on the arxiv: 5
Other publications: 2 workshop papers, and 1 popular press piece
Number of those coauthored with students: 1
Papers currently under review: 1
Manuscripts near completion: 9
Rejections: 6
Number of papers making up those rejections: 2
New citations to past papers: 1959 (+14% over 2013)
Projects in-the-works: too many to count
Half-baked projects unlikely to be completed: already forgotten
Papers read: >104 (about 2 per week)
Number of open browser tabs containing papers to read, right now: 22

Research talks given: 15
Invited talks: 13
Visitors hosted: 7
Presentations to high school students about science and data: 1 (at Fairview High School in Boulder)
Conferences, workshops organized: 3
Conferences, workshops, summer schools attended: 9
Number of those at which I delivered a research talk: 8
Number of times other people have written about my research: >9
Number of interviews given about my research: 4
Number of times I appeared on the BBC Radio: 1 (here)

Students advised: 11 (6 PhD, 1 MS, 2 BS; 1 rotation student and 1 high school student)
Students graduated: 1 MS
Thesis/dissertation committees: 10
Number of recommendation letters written: 12
Summer school faculty positions: 1
University courses taught: 2
Students enrolled in said courses: 113 undergrad, 32 grad
Number of problems assigned: 121 and 50
Number of pages of lecture notes written: the mind shudders to think
Pages of student work graded: >7500 (roughly 44 per undergrad and 84 per grad student, with 0.02 graders per student)
Number of class-related emails received: >2814 (+73% over 2013)
Number of conversations with the university honor council: 0

Manuscripts handled as an associate editor: 6 (+300% over 2013)
Manuscripts refereed for various journals and journal-equivalent conferences: 27 (+17% over 2013)
Number of those mainly refereed by my students and postdocs: 11
Manuscripts lightly refereed for workshops and non-CS conferences: 45
Conference program committees: 4
Fields covered: Network Science, Machine Learning, Data Science, Ecology, and some tabloids
Words written per referee report: 1333 (+45% over 2013)
Referee requests declined: 74 (+9% over 2013)
Journal I declined the most: Physica A (8 declines, 0 accepts)
Program committee invitations declined: 5
Number of referee reports I owe anyone, right now: 0

Grant proposals submitted (PI or coPI): 10 (totaling $38,227,680)
Number on which I was PI: 4
Proposals rejected: 2
New grants awarded: 2 (totaling $620,000, including my NSF CAREER proposal)
Proposals pending: 6
New proposals in the works: 2

Emails sent: >9325 (+13% over 2013, and about 25 per day)
Emails received (non-spam): >20,026 (+22% over 2013, and about 55 per day)
Fraction about work-related topics: 0.90 (+0.03 over 2013)
Fraction of work-related email about research funding: 0.13
Emails received about power-law distributions: 153 (3 per week, same as 2013)
Number of emails in my inbox, right now: 24
Oldest-dated email in my inbox, right now: November 2010 (I am ashamed)

Unique visitors to my professional homepage: 29,000 (-7% over 2013)
Hits overall: 94,000 (+8% over 2013)
Fraction of visitors looking for power-law distributions: 0.39 (-0.13 over 2013)
Fraction of visitors looking for my course materials: 0.24
Unique visitors to my blog: 7,200 (-36% over 2013)
Hits overall: 12,600 (-27% over 2013)
Most popular blog post among those visitors: The faculty market (Advice to young scholars, part 1 of 4) (from 2014)
Blog posts written: 7 (+17% over 2013)

Number of twitter accounts: 1
New followers on Twitter: >741 (+6% over 2013)
Tweets: 225 (-4% over 2013; including retweets of others)
Retweets of my tweets: 1006 (+8% over 2013)
Average number of retweets per original tweet: 6.8
Fraction of my tweets that are original: 0.66
Most popular tweet: a tweet about there being more annual job openings than graduates for CS and Math majors
K-index: 2.98 (just over half a Kardashian Scientist; whew)

Number of computers purchased: 1
Number of cars purchased: 1
Netflix: <60 dvds, 139 streaming (mostly TV episodes during lunch breaks and nap times)
Books purchased: 7 (+133% over 2013)
Books read: 3 (+0% over 2013)
Songs added to iTunes: 125 (-11% over 2013)
Photos added to iPhoto: 971 (-59% over 2013)
Photos taken of my daughter: >933 (about 3 per day)
Jigsaw puzzle pieces assembled: 0
Major life / career changes / decisions: 2

Fun trips with friends / family: 9
Half-marathons completed: 0
Trips to Las Vegas, NV: 0
Trips to New York, NY: 1
Trips to Santa Fe, NM: 7
States in the US visited: 9 (MA, NY, PA, UT, FL, NM, CA, VA, MI)
States in the US visited, ever: 49
Foreign countries visited: 3 (Germany, China, Canada)
Foreign countries visited, ever: 30
Other continents visited: 2
Other continents visited, ever: 5
Airplane flights: 44 (+13% over 2013)

Here's to a great year, and hoping that 2015 is even better.

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I like your year-end summary posts.

I had never heard of K-index before. As I write this, mine is apparently about 0.49. The interpretation of the author of that opinion piece seems highly questionable. For example, science popularizers could easily end up with very high K-indices.

And congrats on the CAREER award! I didn't know about that, though I am not surprised. Very well done!

Posted by: Mason at December 21, 2014 05:07 PM