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Japan - Spring Break 2005

For Spring Break 2005, I flew to Japan with the intention of exploring my first country from the Asian continent. Destinations were Tokyo, Kyoto and Miyazaki. I took so many pictures (130 in all!), I've made a seperate page for them. Click through to see the full listing.

Slicing tuna, Tokyo Fish Market

To-ji gardens and pagoda

Elder archer (note the hat)



Belize - New Years 2005

With friends Keith, Angie, Ben, Jen and Aleta, I spent a week in tropical Belize over New Year's 2005. Five nights on Caye Caulker doing reef diving and snorkling with Belize Diving Services, followed by a day of traipsing around the Mayan (history, history) ruins of Altun Ha (visiting, history), and hikes through the rain forest in the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) (which is home to black howler monkeys among other things) - the trip was an amazing experience.

Angie and Keith on the water taxi

Ben and Jen on the water taxi

Disembarkation at Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker shoreline

on the pier at Caye Caulker

Ben falling over

Opening a coconut the hard way

Still trying to open it

Girls watching the boys

Heron in the water

Watching the sunset from the pier

The Split

Streetlight reflected in the water

The group on the pier

Aaron on the pier

Keith reading history of Altun Ha to us

Ben and Jen listening

Smaller temple on the plaza

Some ways are prohibited

Looking across to the larger pyramid and plaza

Pair of masks on side of pyramid

Central mask on pyramid

Looking up the side

On top of the pyramid

A vine tree killing its host

Our hut at the Sanctuary bed and breakfast

Our trusty vehicles that got us there

A rare old growth tree

A leaf cutter colony

The male howler monkey descends

Feeding the howlers

The male up close

Male eating banana

Almost done

Looking for more

Angie and a howler

Mother and baby howlers descend

The baby up close

Baby tail wrapped around mother's tail

Mother and baby retreat

France - Early Summer 2004

Flying in two weeks early for a reseasrch trip to ENS Lyon, I had time to travel for pleasure. I stopped to see many of the same sights I'd seen in summer 2002. In sum, Paris, Amboise, Nice, Monaco and Lyon.

Tour Eiffel

Notre Dame Facade

at Night

Tomb of Napoleon

Cupid and Pyche Entwined

Nike of Samothrace

Pretty Angel

Venus de Milo


D'Orsay Bowman

D'Orsay Gladiators

Palace of Versailles

Versailles Chapel

Hall of Mirrors

Versailles Gardens

Tortured Titan

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet

Poseidon at Versailles

Fountain Day

Chenonceau Chateau

Chenonceau Great Hall

Chambord Chateau

Casino Monte Carlo

Monaco Beach

Saudi Prince Yacht

Flat Fountain in Lyon

Lyon Opera House

Lyon Fountain


Haverford 2004 Graduation

Stef graudated in May, so I flew out for the week. Pictures from a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo and Commencement.

Phila Zoo - Caymen

Red Panda

Sleepy Jag

Stef with Thing

Krugman Speaks

Stef and Aaron

Lyle and Aaron

Stef's Family

Various - Spring Break 2004

Spring break was a whirlwind - a week in Ann Arbor, MI, then a few days in Philadelphia, then a weekend in D.C. followed by a few more days in Dallas, TX.

UMich Tower Clocks

Standing on the Keystone

Insidious Cuteness

Caleb and Andrea

Caroline with Cockroach

Such a cute little bug

Hope Diamond


Arizona Tour - August 2003

A road trip through north and eastern Arizona. Primarily, hiked the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon, but stopped at the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert and Canyon de Chelly on the way back.

Battleship Rock


Exiting the Side Canyon

Gorgeous Sunset

Petrified Chair

The Painted Desert

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly #2

Canyon de Chelly #3

Rainbow on the way Home



Cross Country Trip (7000 miles, 4 metro areas) - July 2003

The summer that I drove 7,000 miles around the country in under 4 weeks. Notable stops were Philadelphia, southwest South Dakota, northeastern Wyoming, Seattle, San Francisco, Palo Alto CA, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Conway AK and Winston-Salem NC.

Wall Drug, SD

Mt. Rushmore, SD

Posing with Dead Prez

Home State #1

Home State #2

Home State #3

Corvette Convention

Devil's Tower, WY

Two Devils

Aaron's Car

Prairie Dog

Couer d'Alene, ID

Drummer Fantasy

Seattle Ferrari

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Nightline

Mt. Shasta, CA

Frisco Houses

Stanford Boy

Apple Dork

CA Sunset

Hoover Dam, NV



Grand Canyon - May 2003

First trip to the Grand Canyon that summer, with recent Bryn Mawr College graduate Megan Bartley (and her friends Caitlin and Jarret).

Jarret, Megan + Caitlin

Hiking Down

Snack Break

South Rim Wall

Canyon Side

Three Mile House

Aaron's Feet

Power of Erosion

Caitlin's Cactus

Plateau Point


Colorado River

Mighty River

Little Lizard

Cooling Off

In a Nook!

Haverford/Bryn Mawr 2003 Graduation

Megan graduated May 2003, so I flew out to see it. I also stopped by my own alma mater's commencement ceremony and bumped into some old friends.

BMC Convocation

Family in Pem Arch


Caitlin and Megan

Mother + Daughter

Sonia and Megan

Garden Party Dinner

Alma Mater


Amy Ham

Will Goodson

Stef Kukora

Kip and Aaron

Sonia, "Hot Girl", and Megan




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