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A Laboratory Manual for the SPARC
Revision: 1.2

Arthur B. Maccabe
Jeff Vandyke
Department of Computer Science
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131

Copyright ©1993, 1994, 1995, 1996

Permission is granted to make copies for classroom use


This laboratory manual was developed to provide a ``hands on'' introduction to the SPARC architecture. The labs are based on ISEM, an instructional SPARC emulator developed at the University of New Mexico.

The ISEM package is available via anonymous ftp. To obtain a copy ftp to and cd to pub/ISEM. The README file in this directory should provide you with the information needed to obtain a working copy for your environment. ISEM currently runs on most Unix boxes., There are plans to port ISEM to the DOS/Windows environment as well as the Mac. If you have any difficulty getting a copy of ISEM or would like more information regarding the status of the ports, send email to

In addition to an instruction set emulator for the SPARC, the ISEM package includes emulations for several devices (a character mapped display, a bitmapped display, a UART, etc.), an assembler, and a linker. The assember is a slightly modified version of the GNU assembler (gas version 2.1.1). The primary modification is the addition of several synthetic operations to support loads and stores from/to arbitrary locations in memory. These operations are described in the first few laboratory write ups.

The lab maunal is complete in that it covers all of the SPARC operations and instruction formats. As such, students should not require individual copies of The SPARC Architecture Manual. However, we have found it useful to have copies of the SPARC Architecture Manual available to students on a reference basis.

This lab manual has been designed to accompany Computer Systems: Architecture, Organization, and Programming by Maccabe (Richard D. Irwin, 1993). However, the manual does not directly reference the text and, as such, could be used with other text books.

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Barney Maccabe
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