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NOTE: This web site is no longer maintained.
It is kept as a snapshot of my work as I retired from the University of New Mexico.
After over 26 years of service at the University of New Mexico, I will leave UNM and the Land of Enchantment to take up a new challenge in Switzerland. I have accepted the chair of bioinformatics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (coincidentally my alma mater) in Lausanne, Switzerland, starting summer 2006.
Here are links to my new lab page and new faculty page. I have placed other links to my new pages at EPFL in various places below.

I was born in Switzerland, where I spent my first twenty years and received Baccalauréat degrees in Latin, Greek, and Mathematics, as well as the Diploma of Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale) of Lausanne.

You can download an end-of-UNM-career curriculum vitae in PS or PDF form. An up-to-date (post-UNM) CV is also available in PS or PDF form.

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Algorithms and data structures, computational biology, computational geometry, complexity theory, randomized and on-line algorithm, parallel algorithms, and, rarely, computability theory, and pattern recognition. The table below gives links to the web pages for the most recent offering of each of the courses that I teach regularly.

CS 131 - Introduction to Computing
CS 201 - Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
CS 361 - Data Structures and Algorithms I
CS 401 - Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
CS 4/561 - Data Structures and Algorithms II
CS 481 - Operating Systems Principles
CS 500 - Theory of Computation
CS 504 - Algorithm Heuristics
CS 506 - Computational Geometry
CS 509 - Parallel Algorithms
CS 591 - Randomized Algorithms
CS 591 - Computational Molecular Biology
CS 531 - Pattern Recognition
CS 602 - Complexity Theory
CS 603 - Computability Theory

In Spring 2006, I am teaching CS 591 Computational Biology (W); office hours will be W

If you are looking for my writeup on professional ethics for graduate students, you can download the Postscript file.

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Recreation (climbing)

In Memoriam:

My dear friend and climbing partner Jane Tennessen died Sunday, June 23, 1996, when climbing with two other common friends in the Sandias. I have a small tribute to her, along with a pictorial.

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