M Ashraf Siddiquee

I am a third year MS/PhD student in UNM Computer Science department. My research revolves around mining of spatio-temporal data. Currently, I am working as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Mueen

I obtained my Bachelors degree from department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prior to grad studies at UNM, I worked as a software engineer for three and a half years in Bangladesh.

My current resume can be found here

Recent news:

[October, 2018]: Submitted a paper on seismic event detection in SDM '19
[September, 2018]: Attended Grace Hopper Celebration at Houston, TX
[July, 2018]: Elected as Treasurer of UNM Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA)
[June, 2018]: Elected as Vice-president of Bangladeshi Student Association at UNM
[May, 2018]: Selected as featured student in UNM CS department
[April, 2018]: Become winner in the CodeJam of UNM CS student Conference, 2018
[October, 2017]: Attended in Technical Interchange Mettting, 2017 of AFRL in Orlando, FL


Current research projects:

Currently, I am working on 2 data mining projects:

Seismic event detection: A semi-supervised data mining algorithm which can detect time series motifs in seismic data. The algorithm will be extremely effective to detect and classify uncataloged seismic activities, both natural and man-made.

Seismic event localization: A data mining project to relocate over million natural seismic events to better understand the earth structure near faults, tectonic shifts, volcanoes.

Courses taken

CS-529: Intro to Machine Learning(Ongoing) :: project 1 [code][paper]
CS-523: Complex Adaptive Systems :: project 1 [code][paper] :: project 2 [code][paper]
CS-551: Individual Study in Biological Computation :: [paper]
CS-561: Advanced Algorithms
CS-587: Advanced Operating Systems
CS-500: Theory of Computation
CS-533: Experimental Methods in CS
CS-558: Software Foundations
CS-530: Geometric and Probabilistic Methods in CS