Graduate Admissions

Graduate Packet

Application process

Our online application will allow you to upload all your necessary documents for application to the program of your interest. Within the application, click the Application Instructions to see Computer Science specific program  requirements. Below is a checklist of items to complete:

  • UNM Application
  • A check or money order for the application fee, made out to the University of New Mexico. The application fee may be paid with a major credit card if you are applying online. Click here to pay online.
  • If the applicant uploads their transcript to the graduate online application only one official transcript needs to be sent to the Computer Science Department (mailing address listed at bottom of page.)
  • A letter of intent stating your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, your research interests, your career objectives, general information on your technical and scientific experience, as well as a detailed explanation of special circumstances which might affect your admission. The letter of intent should state whether you desire financial aid in the form of a research or teaching assistantship.
  • Three letters of recommendation. Uploaded to the admission form or sent to the Department of Computer Science using this Letter of Recommendation Form (PDF, 67KB). These letters should be professional (as opposed to personal or character) references, such as from colleagues, supervisors, or former instructors.

GRE scores

These are not hard and fast cutoffs—a better than 3.0 academic average, outstanding references, or other ameliorating information can make up for scores below these cutoffs. Our GRE numbers: GRE Institution Code: 4845; GRE Departmental code: 0402

Verbal Score Quantitative Score
158 (old GRE 570) 152 (old GRE 670)


Although each application is reviewed individually, it is expected that the applicant will have maintained a 3.0 or better average in the last two years (or the last 65 semester credit hours, if on a part-time basis) of study and in his or her major field. Grades in technical disciplines, particularly mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering, are considered especially important, as are language skills; also, recent grades are weighed more heavily than older ones. Industrial experience with favorable recommendations will be well received.


Fall Semester Application Deadlines

Priority for admission and consideration for financial aid will be given to applications received by January 15. Domestic applications will be accepted until July 15.

Spring Semester Application Deadlines

Priority for admission and consideration for financial aid will be given to applications received by August 1. Domestic applications will be accepted until November 15.