UNM CS Student Conference

Poster Reception Participants
April 8, 2014

Haptic-guided motion planning for a complex problem
Torin Adamson, advised by Lydia Tapia [abstract]
Immaculacy: A Game of Privacy
April Suknot, advised by Patrick Kelley [abstract]
Distributed Virtual Machines Implemented in FPGAs
Lee Jensen, advised by Lance Williams [abstract]
Control Flow Design Patterns
Neal Holtschulte, advised by Melanie Moses [abstract]
Privacy Panel, A Facebook Application
Amir Arbabshirani, advised by Patrick Kelley [abstract]
Performance Modeling of Tree Based Overlay Networks
Taylor Groves, advised by Dorian Arnold [abstract]
Evaluating the Impact of Memory Management on Energy Efficiency
David DeBonis, advised by Dorian Arnold [abstract]
Classification of English Accents
Hossein Hamooni, advised by Abduallah Mueen [abstract]
Locating Hidden Intrusion Detection Systems
Benjamin Mixon-Baca, advised by Jed Crandall [abstract]
Automatic Ontology Building from Web Documents
Martha O. Perez-Arriaga, advised by Trilce Estrada [abstract]
Challenges of MPI Processing on Many Core Architectures
Matthew Dosanjh, advised by Patrick Bridges [abstract]
Analyzing Average-Case Properties of Boolean Functions via Random Circuits
Ronnie Garduño [abstract]
Stochastic Reachability Based Motion Planning for Multiple Moving Obstacle Avoidance
Nick Malone, advised by Lydia Tapia [abstract]
The Impact of Model Resolution on Antibody Aggregation Simulation
Alan Kuntz, advised by Lydia Tapia [abstract]
Optimizing user-level messaging performance and power consumption with monitor/mwait
Shuang Yang, advised by Patrick Bridges [abstract]
More explicit universe manipulation
George Stelle, advised by Stephanie Forrest [abstract]
Object Recognition by Intelligent Training and Learning
Jeremy Benson, advised by Trilce Estrada [abstract]
Real Time Sign Language Recognition
Andres Felipe Ruiz Cardozo, advised by Trilce Estrada [abstract]
Exploring Anonymity Online
Fernando Serrano Doncel, advised by Patrick Kelley [abstract]