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Automated Deduction and its Application to Mathematics

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The ADAM workshop covers applications of automated deduction to problems in abstract logic and algebra, focusing primarily on algebra and equational problems.

The workshops typically consist of several informal and semi-formal presentations with a great deal of discussion. To help foster a productive working atmosphere, the workshop is limited each year to 10 to 15 people. Participation is by invitation only.

Questions? Contact Bob Veroff or Bill McCune.

Local Arrangements

Recommended hotel: Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech (Contact Michael Kinyon for details.)

The RTD light rail system (system map) provides convenient transportation between the Doubletree (Orchard station) and the workshop (University of Denver station).

The workshop will take place in the East Wing of the Boettcher Center in Room 102.

Additional local information includes details about getting between the hotel and the workshop and information about transportation from the Denver airport to the hotel.



Contributed Problems and Other Material

  1. Slides from a course that Michael Kinyon taught in Lisbon in June.

    Comment from Michael: There are some obvious gaps in the slides, particularly in Lectures II and III. This is because the slides were presented in conjunction with demonstrations using the Prover9-Mace4 GUI.

  2. Goodearl's Separativity Conjecture (Kinyon)

  3. Input file (Kinyon)

  4. Input file (Kinyon)

  5. Input file (Kinyon)

  6. Input file (Kinyon)

  7. Trivial CS examples (RP)

  8. Austin examples (RP)

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