• There are two basic options: webmail, and using your own mail client on your own computer.Here are detailed instructions for three common programs

    For other clients, here are the settings:

    • Incoming mail server: snape.cs.unm.edu
    • Outgoing Mail server: snape.cs.unm.edu, OR your ISP’s mail server.
    • If you have trouble sending email, try using port 1200. Many ISPs block port 25
    • IMAP Path Prefix: mail

    All email clients must be set to use SSL, port 993. Most clients automatically switch the port to 993 when SSL is enabled. This setting ensures that your username and password are encrypted on the way to the mail server so they cannot be intercepted.

    Note: Some email clients may ask you if you trust the security of the CS dept mailserver site. This is simply due to the fact the the secure certificate was created at UNM rather than purchased from a certificate authority. See Importing the UNM CS Secure Certificate for how to install the certificate for Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Mozilla/Firefox and Thunderbird, not to mention Mac OS X and its Mail program.