CSGSA Student Conference Itinerary

Centenial Engineering Center Auditorium, University of New Mexico

April 22nd, 2011

(conference proceedings unm-cs-conf7.pdf)

Paper Presentations9:20Ben GordonDeveloping a Language for Spoken Programming
9:40Oleg SemenovMechanism of Diffusive Transport in Molecular Spider Models
10:00Mohammad Al-salehAntivirus Performance Characterization: System-Wide View
10:20Drew LevinThe Value of Inflammatory Signals in Adaptive Immune Responses
10:40Neal HoltschulteA Model of Diversity and Resistance to Attack in an Adaptive Software Network
Keynote11:00Danny Z. ChenAlgorithmic Techniques for Biomedical Imaging Problems in Volumetric Images
Lunch and Poster Presentations
(Stamm Conference Room)
Paper Presentations2:00Mark FlynnImproving peer review with ACORN: ACO algorithm for Reviewer’s Network
2:20Ricardo VillalonFault-Tolerant Wireless Sensor Networks using Evolutionary Games
2:40Sunny FugateUsing Prediction to Improve Network Intrusion Detection Performance
3:00Ben YackleyBayesian Network Search by Proxy
3:20Diane OyenLeveraging Domain Knowledge to Learn Multiple Bayesian Network Structures
3:40Vamsi PotluruSequential Sparse NMF
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